SHUREIDO New Wave 3 Karate Gi/Uniform

The thread is a double structure grain using polyester as a centre core and surrounded by cotton.

This new material has a pleasant texture on the skin and strong centre core. Polyester/Cotton blend "Heavy weight" Karate Gi.

Suitable for activities and mobility because of the three dimensional cut of the pants.

Avoids clinging of karate gi and keeps with special sewn yoke on the back, that absorbs sweat. The fabric has firmness, which holds its shape.

Shrinkage of Jacket and Pants length is 2cm.

Reference to the weight of NW3: 1.5kg/Size 4 (Jacket and Pants)

Brand Shureido

Top Gi.

By: on 6 April 2024
I moved from a tailored Hirota 163 due extended Hirota delivery times, and was not dissapointed with the change or my choise. (Thank you for the quick delivery from Shogun) Its a great top quality traditional Kata Gi with a nice 'snap' on it. Fits great, sizing as per chart. First thing was the satisfaction with the level of overall and detailed quality of it. The Jacket is perfect lenght with 3/4 sleeves and comfortable fit. Most satisfied with the pants how comfortably they sit around the waist and don't get stuck on kicking or deep stances.

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