The Shureido catalogue describes the K10 as a superior heavy weight Gi, for serious practioners (100% cotton).

The original Shureido familiar to European wearers. Traditonal cut with longer sleeves and pants.  

Shogun Martial Arts and Boxing Supplies is proud to be the importer of the world famous brand, Shureido - directly from the birthplace of Karate, Okinawa, Japan.    

Some commonly asked questions about Shureido uniforms:

Q. My SHUREIDO Gi is slightly Blue, Is this Normal?

A. Yes, This is normal. Shureido gis are made of Special Material and this is a characteristic of this material. After several washing this bluish color will fade slightly. DO NOT use Bleach, to quicken this fading.

Q What weight is SHUREIDO Gi?

A Shureido Gi are made from a special Japanese No. 10 material and does not come with an oz. designation. Ounce designation is for regular Duck Canvas, therefore giving an oz. designation to Shureido Gi will not to it justice.

Q Does Shureido K-10 mean its 10oz.?

A No, Shureido K 10 is No. 10 Japanese Cotton Canvas specifically made for Karate Gi. Q My KB-10 (Black) Gi streaked when I washed it, Is this normal? A Yes this is normal. Streaking will occur where the gi is wrinkled and rubs against the washing machine. Shureido customers like the marbleized look and it does fade to a gray. This is not a defect.    


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