This Great Looking Training Vest Provides You With The Ability To Train Hard Whilst Simulating A ‘Real’ Fight.

This vest is worn by the trainer so that the trainer can take full-force body shots and push kicks without sustaining an injury. 

  • Thick Front & Side Padding.
  • Maximum Durability.
  • Better Shock Absorption.
  • One Size.
  • Material: Microfiber.
  • Weight: 3kgs.
  • Available In:  Black/Red & Black/Gold.

The thick padding on the front and side is designed to absorb the full force of push kicks and body shots without sustaining an injury.  This allows for a fuller training experience.

Made from Microfiber to cut weight and for maximum durability, these pads also have a better shock absorption than the TV1 trainer’s vest.


Brand Fairtex

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