RDX - F6 Kara 3pc Punching Bag and Bag Gloves

RDX now introduces elite-quality punch bag with enhanced features to allow ideal sway and resistance. The cylindrical bag that is intended to be punched by the trainees is now available with improved functionality. RDX Superior Punch Bag can not only withstand the toughest trainings but allows maximized force dispersion too. Pre-filled punch bags weights are as follow.

4ft Un-filled Punch bag (Maximum Filling Capacity 40-50 KG)

5ft Un-filled Punch bag (Maximum Filling Capacity 50-60 KG)

  • Heavy Duty 45cm wide Punch Bag Anchor System 
  • Swing reduction functionality
  • Leather-X Technology 
  • Zip-fastened closure
  • Includes a pair of top quality RDX punching gloves
  • High-Quality Chains included 


Brand RDX Sports

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