FAIRTEX Maddox Grappling Dummy.

Practice Your Martial Art On This Lifelike Grappling Dummy.

The Fairtex Grappling Dummy is great for Judo, BJJ, MMA or submission grappling. 

Designed To Enhance Your Training, Allowing You To Train Just Like You Would With A Real Human, Without The Chance Of Hurting Them.

Perfect for practising entries, throws, arm-locks, transitions to side control, knee rides, north-south as well as a host of other moves.


  • A Great Tool For Strength & Conditioning.
  • Made From A Special Synthetic Leather.
  • Strong Base With Sand Filled Up 1/2 Of Leg.
  • Senior - Approximately 28kg. 
  • Junior - Approximately 21kg (Better fit for Women & Children).
  • Featuring Both Hands & Feet - Allowing, even more, holds and submissions.
  • Improved Posture, Leaning Forward - Simulating a more realistic position of an opponent in your guard.
  • Very Endurable Shoulder System - Designed by Fairtex to really fit a triangle, armbar, arm choke drill.
  • The Grappling Dummy Is Able To Sit, Stay On His Leg & Stretch It’s Leg Out - Making half guard, De la Riva & X guard drill possible.
  • The Neck Is Designed To Support You In Performing The Guillotine, Darce Choke, Anaconda Choke Etc... Just like you would on a real human.
  • Grow your confidence by practicing gripping, throws and chokes and leg locks. 

The Fairtex Grappling Dummy is a great way to improve on your moves to perfection.

Practice with your grappling dummy at home or at the gym to keep your muscle memory sharp. 

Work from the top or the bottom, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your own imagination.

The Grappling Dummies ability to sit, stay on his leg and stretch, along with the neck & shoulder systems are designed to enhance your training and allow you to train just like you would with a real human, without the chance of hurting them.

Great For Performing:

  • Entries
  • Throws
  • Arm-Locks
  • Transitions To Side Control
  • Knee Rides
  • North-south
  • Half Guard
  • De La Riva
  • X Guard Drill
  • Arm Bars
  • Triangle
  • Arm Choke
  • Guillotine
  • Darce Or Anaconda Choke
  • Side Or Full Mount
  • Back Control
  • And So Much More...


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