Large Digital Timer - 8 Digits 35"

Perfect for every workout and training program, whether extreme workouts like MMA or your customized workout of the day.
At the gym, at the club or running laps on the oval track, this interval clock will time your performance.
You can set off a countdown and even a count up.
The four digit cross fit timer displays intervals of 12 and 24 hours.


Clock Display 12/24 hours 

Cord Length is 117cm

Count Up (00:00:00 to 99:99:59) 

Count Down (99:99:59 to 00:00:00) 

Stop Watch (100 mins max. count up with minutes seconds and hundredth of a second)

Custom Intervals

Timer can save up to seven custom programs

Pre-programmed Tabata mode – 20s work 10s rest 8 rounds

Pre-programmed FGB1 mode – 5 mins work 1 min rest 5 rounds

Pre-programmed FGB2 mode – 5 mins work 1 min rest 3 rounds

Remote control is also included



Frame Size: 890mm L x 160mm W x 50mm H

LED Screen Size: 820mm L x 120mm W

Power Cord

Remote Control (35m Span)

Large LED Digit Size of 113 x 64mm (Can be seen from over 100m away)

Made From 17mm Thick Aluminium

Wall Mounted Option


Brand HCE

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