Within striking sports (i.e. MMA, Muay-Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, and Taekwondo) injuries to the lower limbs are unavoidable. In most instances of sparring, competition and regular training injury to the tibia (shin) and the lateral aspect musculature (tibialis anterior) occurs varying in severity. Often competitors require days, if not weeks to overcome such injuries limiting their return to training and the competition arena. Counter Fight has designed a first of its kind relative to combat sports, and their participants. Our Shin Therapy garment enables the immediate application of cold compression without restricting your activities post competition/training. Shin Therapy also takes it another step further allowing participants to apply a heat treatment (post 72hrs recommended) following this initial cold window period (48hrs), encouraging circulation and limiting the likelihood of haematoma formation. This product is also great for recovery from regular training activities, and is a must for any recreational trainers toolbox.
Shin Therapy- Recovery Technology works in the following ways:
When used as a superficial cooling device (recommended first 48hrs):
Decrease motor and sensory nerve conduction velocity
Decrease muscle spindle nerve activation
Decrease acetylcholine levels
Decrease pain and muscle spasm
Restrict contusions (corks)
When used as a superficial heat device (after 72hrs):
Promote circulation
Increase muscle temperature
Decrease likelihood of haematoma formation
Increase muscle contractile capability
Key Features:
Lightweight neoprene permitting free movement of daily activities with rigid security
4 straps to provide optimal graded compression for any calf circumference
Ankle coverage to allow use of optional ice bags when required
Heel stirrup to prevent loss of contact with affected areas
Large ice/heat pack covering all of the desired shin area
Water absorbent front and back insert pouch to prevent any dripping
Classic edging to add that finishing touch, whilst promoting product longevity


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